I'm Tilo Göbel, multi-disciplinary and multi-style freelance illustrator, graphic designer and art director. I studied graphic design in Hildesheim and graduated in 2002. From 2003 to 2008 I worked as a designer at fork unstable media. 
Since january 2009 I am available for hire as a "one man army". I'm specialised in illustrative design and album artworks for the music industry. But I also do a lot of screendesign and animation.



In the last years I worked for the following clients and projects: 
Alfa Romeo, Aspirin, Autostadt, Coca Cola, Daimler, Diakonie Düsseldorf, Ducati, Effilee, Nivea, Labello, Mercedes-Benz, Merck,  Ritter Sport, Swarovski, Taschen Verlag, Xing

Clients Music Business

Donots, Ferris MC, Hamburg Konzerte, Ignite, Kingstar Music, Mad Caddies, Madsen, Phil Siemers, Selig, The Roger Cicero Jazz Experience, Vertigo (Universal Music), Warner Music, Wavemusic, Wisdom in Chains 


Boom, fischerAppelt, Fork Unstable Media, Deepblue Networks, Jung von Matt/brand identity, Nest One, Neteye, Kolle Rebbe, Lukas Lindemann Rosinski, Proximity, Peter Schmidt Group, Scholz und Volkmer

Recognitions & Features

  • Bēhance/Graphic Design

  • Bēhance/Wacom Gallery
  • featured Semplice portfolio
  • Bēhance/Illustration 
  • Bēhance/Adobe Illustrator
  • Bēhance/Wacom Gallery
  • Bēhance/Pantone Canvas
  • fontstruct "Top Pick"


  • Black & White: Volume 4, Out of Step Books

  • Under the Sea, Out of Step Books

  • Monsterbox, Slanted

  • Illustration 2, Zeixs

  • Poster Design 2, Zeixs

  • Logo 3, Zeixs

  • Welcome - Global Excellent Store Display Design

  • Fresh 2 Cutting Edge Illustrations, Public

  • Fresh 3 Cutting Edge Illustrations, Print

  • Graphic X Space, Artpower, Hong Kong

  • Slanted #10 – Heavy Metal. Lovers

  • Grimm Magazin #1

  • Websites 3, Zeixs

  • Graphic Design 3, Zeixs

  • Sound & Design, Zeixs

  • Logo 2, Zeixs

  • Best of Poster Design, Zeixs


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